Belux Workforce Preferences Barometer 2022

Exploring new employee expectations and how employers can support their people in the new hybrid world

January 31, 2023
  • Flore Pradère
  • Pierre-Paul Verelst

The latest edition of our Workforce Preferences Barometer reveals that the hybrid working model has become the most popular way of working today among office workers. Working in a hybrid mode is expected by 60% of office workers and 55% are already doing so today. As employee expectations and current workstyles reach an equilibrium, hybrid becomes a permanent element of the future of work.

Quality of life and health and wellbeing have become the top priorities for office workers, above a good salary, which is now in third place. Improving quality of life is the number one reason for people to quit their job today.

If hybrid work is here to stay, it creates new challenges that the office can address. Optimum performance and productivity cannot be restricted to intense heads-down work at home, face-to-face interaction plays a crucial role - which remains the key reason for people to return to the office today.

In our latest research, we explore how employers can support their hybrid workers as the gap between what’s offered by companies and employee expectations widens. We look at the role of the office as the crucial hub for human connection and innovation and reveal the unique opportunity for companies to reinvent their Employee Value Proposition.