m² The real estate magazine Luxembourg October 2020  

Hollerich, 20 hectares upgraded into a sustainable urban district.

Dear Readers,
We are hurtling towards the last few months of the year, still wearing our masks and still adapting to the radical changes that 2020 has brought to our way of life, be it at home or at work. The world hasn’t stopped turning but it no longer breathes as freely.  At JLL we are talking about “the next normal”, which is the stage we currently find ourselves in.Office premises will continue to evolve and will undoubtedly continue to play an ever more important role as a vector of productivity, culture and exchange, all aspects needed by every business. From an economic point of view and in contrast to the rest of Europe, Luxembourg is one of the countries that have fared the best, as have Malta, Finland and Germany. The articles that follow highlight the characteristics of our beautiful country, which is strong, resilient and still creating ambitious projects in a welcoming environment for the lives and works of all of us, whether we are resident in Luxembourg or cross-border workers.
We hope you enjoy reading our latest issue.