PODCAST: How logistics is facing future disruptions

From technology to real estate footprints, companies are prioritizing resilience

September 06, 2021

From the blockage of the Suez Canal to the pandemic, there have been plenty of reminders about the fragility of global commerce in the last year.

The events have been a wake-up call for manufacturers and logistics firms, which are trying to figure out how to address unpredictable disruptions to intertwined global supply chains.

“Right now resilience is emerging as a lot more important than cost,” says John Gattorna, a leading supply chain thought leader and author. “Although if you get it right, increased resilience shouldn’t necessarily cost more.”

The issues have become increasingly important in commercial real estate, where the logistics-sector boom appears set to continue. According to JLL’s Future of Global Logistics report, 74 percent of surveyed professionals expect demand to grow at pace over the next five years.

What does it take to be ready for periods of disruption, and what happens if you aren’t?

Listen to John and Michael Ignatiadis, head of supply chain and logistics solutions at JLL, discuss what companies are doing to prepare for disruption, what’s holding them back, how global firms are thinking local, and the shape of a modern logistics footprint.

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Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

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