Client story

The JLL Luxembourg Project and Development Team supported Raiffeisen as PMO for its new premises.

The challenge was to double the surface by making use of an atypical 7-meters heigh !




600 sq.m.


Banking Sector



Raiffeisen is the only Luxembourg-based cooperative bank. For over 90 years Raiffeisen has been committed to supporting and working solely in the interest of its clients, partners and members.

Raiffeisen rents a 300 sq.m retail area in the new building “tour Aurea” in Differdange to create their new branch.

JLL Luxembourg Project and Development team was appointed as Project manager to assist Raiffeisen for the whole project from the building permit to the completion of the fit-out, including advisory in regulation and technical aspects. 

Quote of Raiffeisen team: “The JLL team is professional and timely in all communications and updates. They identified issues and solutions very effectively during the whole project and delivered best value decision making. The close collaboration with our architects and technical teams was very productive.” 

The challenge for our Project & Development Services team was to create a mezzanine in the space in order to double the existing 300 sq.m to 600 sq.m. Project made it possible reflecting an available space slab to slag around 7 meters.

The main constraint of this project was to respect the dimensions and aesthetics of the facade, which consists of a large shop window and a banner with a signboard. Indeed, the architects and project managers succeeded in minimizing the thickness of the slab and the false ceiling on the ground floor.

Our team worked closely with local regulatory firms (SECO in Luxembourg) on this project to respect the regulations, especially regarding the fire compartment and the escape way from the upper floor.

The technical challenges of the project were the creation of 2 internal stairs and the integration of all the techniques (power/data/ aerolic/hydraulic distribution / FCU’s) into the raised floor considering a plenum of less than 30 cm. 

Regarding the design and the fit-out, the Tétris Design team suggested an atmosphere which respects the Raiffeisen guidelines, with special attention to the client and the staff. Tétris issued the full Design package and the tender package for all the finishing works. 

Luxembourg PDS Team