Client story


JLL, through the Property Management department, supports the owner in the development and construction of an emblematic building in the Kirchberg district of Luxembourg.


Luxembourg - Kirchberg

Square Metres

2750 M² de bureaux


Property Management

Throughout the development of this audacious project, Stephen Scrivo, Director - Property Management Services - accompanied the owner by putting all his experience in Property Management at his disposal to enable him to integrate, from the design stage, all the practical, reliable and sustainable aspects guaranteeing the most sustainable operation possible.

The Staccato building is at the forefront of progress and economy. Equipped with a geothermal system and a heat exchanger, with passive heating and cooling production thanks to active slabs, this new development is in line with our times by favouring innovative systems and by resolutely adopting a responsible and environmentally friendly approach.

The common areas are pleasant and designed in noble materials, with a sober design, as are the office shelves, which also offer great flexibility. The comfort of the occupants was one of the priorities. A new office lighting system synchronized with human biological rhythm and daylight will guarantee employees optimum comfort during their working days.

From the early stages of development, Stephen Scrivo ensured that he provided the owner with the best possible advice to ensure that the building would operate optimally as soon as it was put into operation. Several remarks were made in order to implement certain predispositions (pre-wiring on the floors, health expectations, etc.) in view of future rental development work. In parallel, other points were discussed, such as: carrying out the measurement in collaboration with an expert, optimizing the ratio of gross surfaces to net surfaces, thinking and developing an effective key flowchart system, waste management, signage, anchorage points, etc. Thanks to his experience and knowledge of the market, Stephen Scrivo, in partnership with the owner, prepared the customised specifications taking into account the specificities and innovations of the building, followed the calls for tenders and set up the contracts so that, as soon as it was received, the building was managed as efficiently as possible.

One of Stephen Scrivo's important roles is also his active participation in the building's marketing process, including conducting visits with agencies. In this way, he was able to share his knowledge of the project, including the most technical and specific aspects, with agents and potential tenants. At the same time, its presence has enabled potential future tenants to appreciate the professionalism and expertise of the manager in charge of the building, a significant consideration in their decision-making process. In addition, it participated, in the interest of the owner, in the review of lease contracts and refined internal regulations to best prepare the entry of future tenants.