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Tenant Representation

Search for new premises, tenancy agreement renegotiation or sub-letting of excess space

​Why call on an advisor on property transactions?

Good management of the costs linked to real estate are an essential part of a business's performance. Small, medium or large organisation? Tenant? Owner? A company always benefits from controlling its expenses, anticipating potential risks linked to its property and increasing the profitability of its assets.

Your JLL adviser will help you make the right decisions regarding property transactions (purchase, tenancy, renegotiation…). He/she will also assist you in developing an efficient strategy that will lead to a reduction of your property costs.

We'll guarantee customised support during each transaction, which will actively contribute to the operation's success. Together with you we'll develop a global property strategy that will take into account several dimensions: best location, work environment most suited to your organisation, office space best adapted to your activity, the right type of contract and the best financial conditions.

Purchasing offices, negotiating a tenancy agreement, sub-letting offices… so many transactions to be optimised

Your adviser on property transactions will step in according to your needs:         

  • Search for premises to house your business (renting or purchase) 
  •  Renegotiation of the tenancy agreement for your warehouses, retail premises, offices...
  • ​Putting on the market excess space (sub-letting or sale)

Our specialists have over twenty years' experience. They'll guarantee the success of your transactions by putting together a multidisciplinary team tailor-made to your project and by relying on true expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Many leading businesses, both in Luxembourg and abroad, have placed their trust in us. As countless references pertaining to Kirchberg, the Station Area, the airport, the Cloche d'Or and Belval show, our clients are very happy with the corporate real estate solutions we offer them as they're in line with their strategy, their approach and their objectives.