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Retail Leasing Agency

Most of the challenges you face affect real estate matters

​​An estate agency specialised in retail premises

The retail sector is constantly changing. You're facing new challenges all the time, which have an impact on real estate: new trends, consumer behaviour, growth of e-commerce, issues and strategies for national and international trade names, shopping centres moving to the outskirts, or return to town-centre sites.

  • How should you choose the location of the shop you'll sell next?
  • How should you optimise the promotion of your commercial establishment?
  • Where can you find support with the creation and implementation of your trade name strategy?
  • How can you control your property costs and obtain the best value for money?
  • Which purchase strategy should you choose for your shopping centre portfolio? Letting, selling or buying now?
  • How should you manage the design of your retail premises so they project your trade name's image?

Discover our portfolio of available properties online​.

Selling your retail premises, store or shop with JLL experts

JLL's multidi​​sciplinary team of experts​ specialises in retail assets. They will provide answers to your questions and will help you develop tangible solutions.

Our experts rely on their extensive experience of property markets as well as on their in-depth technical, financial and legal knowledge. They will carry out a thorough analysis of your situation and will translate their conclusions into efficient and operational solutions.

Our Luxembourgish team shares its know-how with our consultants throughout Europe, which guarantees the same level of service for your projects abroad. We're active in 62 countries and have carried out many comparative studies and analyses at national, European and global level. ​