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Property Management

Building management which ensures the well-being of the occupants as well as risk reduction

Office buildings administration

When it comes to the management of investors' or landlords' assets, JLL is a true leader in the sector. Asset valuation, control of operational risks, optimisation of the added value of our services: our administration department offers a full range of high quality services.

JLL is one of the most prominent property management companies, both in Luxembourg and abroad. Our "Property Management" teams are dedicated to carrying out all missions involving office building management and thus allow our clients to fully focus on their activities.

Administrative management and technical support

"Administrative and accountancy" management comprising:     

  • Management of tenancy agreements
  • Management of property tax and other taxes
  • Management of Insurance policies
  • Management of common rental charges   
  • ​Staff assigned to premises

Your tenants will benefit from full "technical" management via a "24/7 Help Desk" which guarantees an effective answer within two hours.

"Environmentally friendly" management and daily maintenance

"Environmentally friendly" management comprises: 

  • Waste management  
  • Energy savings
  • "Green" electricity for the premises we manage
  • Monitoring of the obligations set out in the "Green Certificates"
  • Integration of these "green" obligations in the ROI, tenancy agreements, etc.

JLL as property management company, an entire team at your service

We're committed to creating a true spirit of trust and performance at the premises we're managing. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, complementary talents and proven experience.

We'll also provide advice on all matters pertaining to your property: property taxes, environmental concerns, neighbourhood relations, tenancy agreements, etc. We possess all the necessary expertise and competencies, both in the financial and technical field.

Our team will provide precise and effective "reporting" so as to keep you informed on your property's performances.