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Office Leasing Agency

An estate agency focused on “Offices” and finding tenants

​Increase the value of your property assets with a marketing plan tailored to your purposes.

We know that, as a landlord, the marketing of your vacant premises is a major issue, whether it's an entire building or empty floors within an existing building. Your main priority is to find tenants for your office spaces… but not just in any old way.

In order to position your offer in an optimum way and define the core of your target, the JLL team will make use of its knowledge of buildings, the market and businesses.

JLL has two decisive advantages. We are the only agency offering true national coverage. And we base our analyses on the knowledge of our "Information Management" department. These specialists manage all information pertaining to the office property market on a daily basis and do so in collaboration with our "Research" department (Expertise).

We'll create and develop a marketing plan and efficient actions that will increase the strength and relevance of your offer while taking into account your priorities.

During negotiations, our team will be there to ensure that each party feels they've conducted a quality operation.

Opt for services from a real estate marketing company

Leave the marketing of your properties to communication experts

Are you considering a marketing campaign or action involving the marketing of your properties? Our "Property Marketing" team offers you a full range of professional services that will enable you to send suitable messages to your targets.

All our consultants have experience in communication. Leaflet, poster or website: by entrusting our team with your marketing actions you'll be able to fully focus on your job.

Implementation of a call for bids? Selecting an agency? Organising an event? Drawing up a briefing? Our consultants will help you develop a property marketing plan that's entirely consistent with your objectives and requirements.

Thanks to its unique specific experience in the property sector, our "Property Marketing" team will help you develop your marketing strategy and thus contribute to optimising your performance.