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Workplace Strategy

Motivating one’s teams by offering them an inspiring work space, encouraging collaboration and communication

"Workplace Strategy" improves your business's performance

Your business must meet the demands of a constantly changing economic context.

You'll have to take up many challenges to guarantee the success of your business: innovating, managing costs, understanding technology, meeting trends and evolutions, and succeed in the passing of generations. So the way you organise your work is of crucial importance. It is essential that you constantly rethink it in order to maintain a high performance level.

JLL created its "Workplace Strategy" service to help you in this. Because we're convinced that designing and transforming your work space provides tangible solutions to these various issues.

Our "Workplace Strategy" team will take into account your current context and your objectives so as to optimise your professional environment. We'll help you facilitate the organisation and management of work in your company, turning it into the driving force of your business.

Refurbishing work space and ensuring a more fluid work approach

Our team will start by looking at your professional context as a whole, with all its facets: real estate, of course, but also your strategic vision and your policies regarding human resources, management, technology and operations.

This reflection will lead to the design and transformation of your professional environment so as to turn work organisation into something more fluid, efficient and fast. These arrangements will contribute to the optimisation of working methods, the managerial approach and the implementation of technological advances.

How is the "Workplace Strategy" programme implemented?

  • We'll create a strategic vision which we'll translate into practice, in direct consultation with the Management,
  • ​We'll include Middle Management and all the consultants, encouraging participation.

A "Work Environments Charter" which will boost your performance

The "Workplace Strategy" process also involves the creation of a "Work Environments Charter" which you can use for one specific site or throughout your organisation, i.e. anywhere you develop your activities.

This Charter can take different forms: it can become a very precise frame of reference, or simply a document listing more flexible regulations so as to allow you to adapt according to local situations, cultural specificities and the type of trades/jobs.

The Charter will help you optimise the occupancy of your property space and have better control over your expenses. This document will help you promote work practices and a work culture which are specific to your organisation.

With "Workplace Strategy", you'll have the opportunity to thoroughly rethink the work approach in your company in terms of organisation, management and finance, with the aim to optimise performance.