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Transaction Management

A top quality service for property transactions abroad

​"Transaction Management": our service for the management of your property transactions abroad

Our transactional coordination service, "Transaction Management", will assist you with the efficient and proactive management of your property portfolio​.

Our main objectives are to reduce your occupancy costs and increase flexibility.

A thorough knowledge of the markets, from local to international

We'll put you in touch with an expert who will be dedicated to your business, i.e. your "JLL Transaction Manager". Constantly in contact with his colleagues throughout the world, who are all experts in their local markets, he will make sure that every operation is carried out in compliance with the quality standards and performance criteria defined by JLL.

You will be guaranteed to find the type of property that meets your requirements perfectly, at the best market conditions and at the most appropriate time.

Your business will then have a property portfolio that's in line with the prospects for its future development while maintaining rigorous control over costs related to it. This will allow you to better face future challenges and achieve the objectives you've set yourself.