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“Sale & Leaseback” Transaction

The best expert in real estate, to sell under the best conditions and within the best timeframe

​Sale & Leaseback: selling and becoming a tenant

Your business has real estate assets (offices, retails premises…) and is considering selling them. Consequently, two solutions are available to you:

  • ​​​​Either you choose to dispose of your assets, and our primary objective will be to optimise every aspect of the sale,
  • Or you choose to sell your assets, but with the aim to still occupy it.

The second option is called "Sale & Leaseback", also often referred to as "Leaseback".

 The benefits of "Sale & Leaseback"

"Sale & Leaseback" has become increasingly successful over the years. Many Luxembourgish and international businesses choose this option to sell their property assets. This option presents a number of benefits such as:

  • ​Raising capital invested in your business's property (sometimes since many years)
  • Contributing to repaying debts and thus improve the business's balance sheet
  • Think ahead and eventually prepare the move from your premises in a smooth way.

A very differ​ent approach and expertise

Of course, "Sale & Leaseback" requires a very good knowledge of both the property and the financial markets. Indeed, the approach will vary depending on whether it's a "vacant" sale or a "Sale & Leaseback". Choosing this option has a considerable impact on the type of buyer, on the way the property is presented and on the type of information to be provided to potential buyers.

A traditional sale is part of the "bricks and mortar" approach, whereas the "Sale & Leaseback" is more akin to a financial option. In the case of a Leaseback, your premises will indeed become a financial product which will generate income for the buyer. So the selling price of your property will be based on the rent, the type of buyer, the duration of the tenancy agreement or the terms of the contract.

The "Corporate Solutions" team's expertise is rooted in 25 years' experience. Leader on the Luxembourgish market, our specialists are the ideal partners for this type of transactions. Please feel free to ask questions and consider, together with them, the solutions best suited to your specific situation.