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Lease Administration

Proactive property decisions made easy thanks to rigorous monitoring of your portfolio

​Efficient management​​ of property portfolio

The management of your property portfolio plays an essential part in the success of your business. All the more so if your portfolio extends beyond Luxembourg territory.

In order to assist you with the management of your property portfolio in the best possible way, JLL proposes a unique approach called "Lease Administration". This tool will gather for you every useful piece of data with the aim to analyse, control and compare this with data from local markets.

Monitori​ng of your property portfolio by JLL, a very profitable solution

Whether your portfolio comprises 20 or 20,000 sites, our "Lease Administration" platform will draw your attention to every critical moment. You will benefit from relevant information that will help you make the right decisions, at the right time.

With this system we can guarantee you won't miss any critical date such as the end of a tenancy agreement, an early termination option or even investments that would ensure the continued existence of your properties. And this applies to your entire property portfolio.

Renegotiating financial conditions? Consolidation options? Putting a property on the market? Sub-letting underused space? With our "Lease Administration" platform, your company will fully benefit from the potentialities to optimise the return from your property assets.